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News Content

Labbe Robot

Michael Schupbach

This is Jesse Labbe. 

He draws stuff like this:

And more recently these guys, the Disastronauts.


The moment I saw them I knew I wanted to model them. So I asked Jesse if I could take a crack. This is what I came up with.


Not bad, eh?

So fun fun to do!

Bill Hader Portrait Puppet

Michael Schupbach


We were hired by Broadway Video to design and fabricate a portrait puppet of Bill Hader. Design wise, he's tough to nail; he's an "everyman" with very even features. I sculpted his nose in Zbrush off of press photos, stitched in some brow wrinkles, and bam! Hader!


Obvious Child Movie. Or that time Richard Kind Came by the Shop and put on the Bearsuit

Michael Schupbach

Sometimes this happens.

This is character actor Richard Kind. He plays a puppet maker in the movie and he came by the shop to research his role. He was just as charming and as loud as you might hope he would be. 

To find out more about how this all came together and our collaboration with Sara White the Production designer click the link below:

Richard Kind

Nickelodeon's Roast Beef and Rodger is up!

Michael Schupbach

This is without a doubt one of the oddest design challenges thrown my way.

A talking realistic roast beef sandwich with a gruff drill sergeant exterior and a heart of gold. 

No problem, when do we shoot?